A partridge in a pear tree takes center stage on this quilted banner. With each pear ornament bearing an embroidered phrase from the much-loved carol, you'll be singing along every time you pass by.
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Designer: Anni Downs


  • 7⁄8 yard of solid off-white (background)
  • 1⁄8 yard of light brown print (tree branch appliqués)
  • 6x8" piece of red print (bird appliqué)
  • 7x9" piece of blue stripe (tree base appliqué)
  • Scraps of assorted brown, green, and red prints (package appliqués)
  • 1⁄8 yard each of 6 assorted red, green, and tan prints (pear ornaments)
  • Scrap of tan print
  • 1⁄8 yard of beige linen
  • 1⁄2 yard of brown floral (border)
  • 1⁄2 yard of dark brown print (binding)
  • Fine-tip water-soluble marking pen
  • Lightweight fusible web
  • Lightweight cardboard
  • Twelve 7-mm buttons: red
  • DMC embroidery floss: white, ecru, #221 red, #356 pink, #580 green, #610 brown, #921 orange, #3768 blue, #3852 yellow, and #3781 dark brown
  • Glue stick
  • 1 yard of backing fabric
  • 24x34" piece of  batting

Finished wall hanging: 18-1⁄2x28-1⁄2"

Quantities are for 44/45"-wide, 100% cotton fabrics. Measurements include 1⁄4" seam allowances. Sew with right sides together.

Cut Fabrics

Lay the fusible web, paper side up, over the patterns found in the PDF download. Use a pencil to trace each pattern the number of times indicated in the cutting instructions, leaving 1⁄2" between tracings. Cut out the fusible-web shapes roughly 1⁄4" outside the traced lines.

Following the manufacturer's instructions, press the fusible-web shapes onto the wrong sides of the designated fabrics; let cool. Cut out the fabric shapes on the drawn lines and peel off the paper backings.

From solid off-white, cut:

  • 14-1⁄2x24-3⁄4" rectangle for the background

From light brown print, cut:

  • one each of patterns A, B, C, and D

From red print, cut:

  • one of pattern E

From blue stripe, cut:

  • one of pattern H

From assorted brown, green, and red print scraps, cut:

  • one each of patterns I, J, K, and L

From assorted red, green, and tan prints, cut:

  • two of pattern M for each pear

From tan print scrap, cut:

  • one each of patterns F and G

From lightweight cardboard, cut:

  • 12 of pattern N

From brown floral, cut:

  • two 2-1⁄2x14-1⁄2" border strips
  • two 2-1⁄2x28-3⁄4" border strips

From dark brown print, cut:

  • three 2-1⁄4x42" binding strips

Prepare the Appliqué

Using a light box or other light source, trace the embroidery for pattern H onto blue stripe with the water-soluble marking pen. Trace each embroidery design onto the beige linen, leaving 1⁄2" between tracings.

Note: For embroidery-stitch instructions, refer to the diagrams. Complete the stitching using the colors and stitches indicated. Use two strands of embroidery floss for all stitching unless otherwise indicated. Do not stitch the solid outlines.

Lay fusible web, paper side up, on the back side of the embroidered blue stripe and the embroidered beige linen, covering the backs of all embroidered pieces; fuse in place. Cut out all shapes on the solid lines.

Assemble the Pears

1. With the embroidered side facing up, center one pear front on a red, green, or tan print M piece; fuse in place. Repeat to make 12 fused pear fronts.

2. Using one strand of brown floss, straight-stitch around the edges of each embroidered pear.

3. Using a glue stick, center and glue the wrong side of the fused embroidered pear front to a cardboard N piece. Carefully fold the seam allowances over the edges and to the back of the cardboard; glue in place. Repeat for all pear fronts.

4. For the pear backs, center and glue a plain pear back to a cardboard N piece. Carefully fold the seam allowances over the edges and to the back of the cardboard; glue in place. Repeat for all pear backs.

5. Place a matching pear front and a pear back together with the cardboard sides facing. Whipstitch the pieces together using matching thread.

6. Use three strands of red floss to make the hangers.

Assemble the Quilt Banner Center

1. Referring to the Appliqué Placement Diagram, center the brown print A piece on the off-white background, positioning the top of A about 4 inches below the upper edge of the background; fuse in place.


2. Lay the brown print B, C, and D pieces across the brown print A piece, referring to the Appliqué Placement Diagram for placement. Do not fuse in place.

3. Arrange solid red E and solid gold F and G pieces at the top of piece A and the embroidered blue stripe H piece at the bottom of piece A, overlapping the pieces as indicated on the diagram. Fuse the pieces in place.

4. Arrange the print I, J, K, and L pieces underneath the brown print D piece, noting the overlaps of the pieces in the diagram; fuse.

5. Use one strand of brown floss to straight-stitch around the tree, bird, tree base, and packages and to satin-stitch the bird's eye. Use one strand of contrasting floss to backstitch a ribbon tie to each package. Referring to the photo on page 7 for placement, sew two buttons to the top branch, four buttons to the middle branch, and six buttons to the bottom branch.

6. Sew short border strips to the short edges of the quilt center. Press the seams toward the border. Sew the long border strips to the long edges of the banner center. Press the seams toward the border.

Finish the Banner

1. Layer the banner top, batting, and backing; baste the layers together.

2. Using coordinating thread, quilt the wall hanging as desired. Bind the quilt banner with dark brown print binding strips. If desired, add a purchased wire hanger to the top of the banner.

3. Hang the pear ornaments over the buttons.