Quickly assemble a pincushion using fabric scraps and buttons. Add a simple perle cotton tie-on and the pincushion can double as a holiday ornament or package decor.


Designer: Jann Williams

Scraps of assorted prints
Polyester fiberfill
Perle cotton or string
3/8"- to 5/8"-diameter decorative button

Assemble Pincushion

Make a 2-1/2"-diameter ball of polyester fiberfill. Tightly wrap with perle cotton or string to shape into a flattened ball.

Tear fabric scraps into 1/2"- to 3/4"-wide strips that are 12-20" long. Tack one end of a torn strip at center bottom of flattened ball. Tightly wrap strip around ball; secure end with two or three small whipstitches. Add strips one at a time until ball is completely covered. Wrap contrasting torn strips in an X, tacking ends of each at center bottom. Sew button at center of X on top.

Add Tie On

Thread a large, sharp needle with a doubled length of perle cotton. Make a small stitch through a strip at edge of pincushion. Thread needle through perle cotton loop and pull up ends; knot to complete tie-on.