Need a gift at the last minute? Use two easy stitches to create a lovely tulip design in redwork on a tea towel.
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  • Striped linen tea towel
  • Red embroidery floss
  • Red fine-tip permanent marking pen

Finished embroidery design: 7-1⁄4" square

Embroider the Tea Towel

1.    Click on "Download this Project" above for embroidery patterns. Tape the Tulip Garden Embroidery Pattern to a light box or sunny window. Position the tea towel over the pattern; tape in place. Trace the pattern onto the towel with a red fine-tip marking pen.

2.     Use three strands of embroidery floss for all stitches. Embroider the outline with a stem stitch, then make French knots at each dot.

To stem-stitch, pull the needle up at A (see diagram), then insert it back into the fabric at B, about 3⁄8" away from A. Holding the floss out of the way, bring the needle back up at C and pull the floss through so it lies flat. The distances between points A, B, and C should be equal. Pull with equal tautness after each stitch.


To make a French knot, bring the needle up at A (see diagram). Wrap the floss around the needle twice without twisting it. Insert the needle into the fabric at B, 1⁄16" away from A. Gently push the wraps down the needle to meet the fabric, then pull the needle and floss through the fabric smoothly.


3.     Press the towel from the wrong side when the embroidery is complete.