T-shirts are the perfect size for throw pillows. Choose one with embellishments to instantly stitch a decorative pillow with very little effort!


  • 1 T-shirt
  • 1 pillow form (make sure the size of the pillow form fits the length and width of the T-shirt)

Assemble the Throw Pillow:

1. Using a scissors or rotary cutter, cut the T-shirt just above the bottom hem.


2. Using a scissors or rotary cutter, cut the T-shirt just below the neckline.


3. Cut the top and the sides of the T-shirt to fit your pillow form. If your T-shirt is stretchy, cut the length and width of the T-shirt the same length and width as your pillow form. If your T-shirt doesn't have very much give, cut it 1/2" wider in both length and width than the pillow form. You will now have two squares of fabric (the front and back of the pillow).

TIP: You don't need to cut the same amount from each side. We only cut a little from the right side to preserve the fabric embellishment.


4. Layer the two squares of fabric with right sides (printed sides) together.


5. Pin around the pillow.

6. Using coordinating thread and a "stretch" or "ballpoint" machine needle for knit fabric, stitch around three sides of the pillow with a 1/4" seam allowance. Stitch 1" on the fourth side and add a few backstitches to secure the stitching.

7. Clip each corner close to the stitch line. This ensures your pillow corners will be pointy.

8. Turn the pillow right side out and slip the pillow form into the fabric.


9. Pin the open side closed.

10. Using coordinating thread and doubled-up thread length, hand-stitch the opening closed.