Decorate a child's room in style! These pillows are easy to make-and one even has a pocket to hold an iPod. Fabrics are from the Patchwork Pals collection by Amy Barickman for Red Rooster Fabrics.
Easy Pillow Covers
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Designer: Amy Barickman of Indygo Junction


  • 17×36-1⁄2" rectangle of fabric (pillow)
  • 16"-square pillow form
  • 4-3⁄4×12" rectangle of fabric (optional pocket)
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron, ironing surface
  • Water-soluble marking pen

Step 1

Place large fabric rectangle right side down on ironing surface. Fold over one short edge 1⁄4"; press. The iron is hot. Keep your hands away from the heat. Fold over same short edge 1⁄2"; press (photo 1).

TIP: It helps if a pair of extra hands holds the fabric straight while you press.


Step 2

Repeat Step 1 with remaining short edge of large fabric rectangle (photo 2).

TIP: Measure width of fold as often as needed to keep the fold even.


Step 3

Sew along edge of first fold to hem one short edge. Repeat at opposite short edge (photo 3).

TIP: Ask for help setting machine to a low speed. (Most machines have a speed control.) A low speed will give you more control over the machine and help you make a straight and even row of stitches.


Step 4

Place hemmed rectangle right side up on flat work surface. Referring to Pillow Assembly Diagram, fold over hemmed edges to make a 16×17" rectangle (only wrong side of fabric will show now). Sew through all layers from one folded edge to the other 1⁄2" from cut edges. Backstitch at beginning and end of sewing line to secure stitching. Repeat to sew opposite edge (photo 4).

TIP: Before sewing, mark seam line with water-soluble marking pen. Use the drawn line a a stitching guide.


Step 5

Working through hemmed but unsewn opening, turn layers right side out to complete pillow cover (photo 5). Press. Insert pillow form through opening in back.

TIP: Push out corners using the eraser end of a pencil or a chopstick to make sharp corners.


How to Make a Pocket

1. With right side inside, fold 4-3⁄4×12" fabric rectangle in half to make a 4-3⁄4×6" rectangle.

2. Using 1⁄2" seams, sew along two long edges and open short edge, leaving a 3" opening along one long edge for turning.

3. Turn right side out through opening; press, folding unsewn opening to the inside to make a pocket.

4. Pin pocket to 17×36-1⁄2" fabric rectangle, 3" from top (long) edge and 13" from right-hand (short) edge. Edgestitch pocket in place, stitching about 1/8" from side and bottom pocket edges.