You can change decor whenever the mood strikes with this quick-to-make pillow cover that has just four stitchling lines to complete!


  • 1--18-1/2x42" fabric rectangle
  • Ruler (at least 18" long)
  • Washi tape or painter's tape
  • 18" pillow form

Finished pillow cover: 18"

Sew with right sides together and a 1/4" seam allowance unless otherwise stated.

Assemble the Pillow Cover

1. Fold each short edge of the 18-1/2x42" rectangle under 1/2"; press in place. Fold each edge under another 1/2"; press in place.


2. Stitch along each short edge, close to the inner folded edge.


3. Mark your ruler with washi tape on the 9" and 18" line. Lay your fabric right side up under the ruler. Position the part of the fabric you want in the front center of the pillow form (we chose a red flower) under the 9" mark.


4. Fold left edge of hemmed rectangle to align fold with beginning of ruler. Fold right edge to align with marked 18" line on ruler. The folded edges should overlap 4". Pin along the top and bottom edges.


5. Stitch along the top and bottom edges.


6. Turn the pillow form right sides out. Insert the pillow form.