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Hourglass Pillow

Four triangles make a merry, square pillow! Three bright prints form the hourglass block pillow. Complete it with a covered button center and piped edging.


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Finish Pillow

1. Cut and piece red print 2-1/4"-wide bias strips to make an 86"-long strip.

2. Fold one strip end under 1-1/2". With wrong side inside, fold strip in half lengthwise. Insert cording next to folded edge with cording end 1" from strip’s folded end. Using a zipper foot, baste through fabric layers right next to cording to make piping (Diagram 3). Seam allowance should be 1/4" wide.

3. Aligning raw edges, baste piping to all edges of pillow front, starting 1-1/2" from piping folded end. As you stitch each corner, clip seam allowance to within a few threads of stitching line (Diagram 4); gently ease piping in place. Cut end of cording to fit snugly inside folded opening, then stitch to beginning point to complete pillow top.

4. Join pillow back to pillow top, stitching around all edges and leaving an opening for turning. Turn right side out, insert pillow form, and stitch opening closed.

5. Following manufacturer’s instructions, cover buttons with green print.

6. Thread doll maker’s needle with sturdy thread. Stitch down through center of pillow top, leaving a knot on top of pillow. Center one button on pillow back and one on pillow top. Taking long stitches through the center of pillow, sew buttons firmly in place.