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Fussy-Cut Flowers Pillow

Fussy-cut delicate floral designs, such as these from the Abigail collection by Sara Morgan for Blue Hill Fabrics, to showcase in appliquéd circles on a round pillow. Flat piping cut from the same fabric as the Pattern A circles mimics the layered circle look on a larger scale.


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Assemble Pillow

1. Cut and piece cream print 1-1/4"-wide bias strips to make one long strip. Press seams open.

2. With wrong side inside, fold Step 1 bias strip in half lengthwise to make a flat piping strip; press.

3. Aligning raw edges, place piping strip on right side of pillow top. Pin in place 1/4" from the edge, easing in excess piping so it will lie flat when the pillow is turned right side out. Baste in place a scant 1/4" from raw edges (Diagram 1). Fold pillow top in quarters and mark each fold with a pin.

4. Join short ends of blue print 3-1/2x43" strip to make a ring (Diagram 2). Press seam open. Fold ring in quarters and mark each fold with a pin.

5. With right sides together and matching quarter marks, position one edge of blue print ring along edge of pillow top over piping (Diagram 3). Pin together 1/4" from the edge all around ring, clipping into edge of ring with tiny clips if necessary to make it lie flat. Sew in place, stitching just past basting of piping.

6. Repeat Step 5 to join remaining edge of blue print ring to pillow back circle, leaving a 6" opening for stuffing.

7. Stuff pillow with fiberfill and hand-sew opening closed to complete pillow.