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Fussy-Cut Flowers Pillow

Fussy-cut delicate floral designs, such as these from the Abigail collection by Sara Morgan for Blue Hill Fabrics, to showcase in appliquéd circles on a round pillow. Flat piping cut from the same fabric as the Pattern A circles mimics the layered circle look on a larger scale.


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Cut and Appliqué Pillow Top

Cut out Pillow Top/Back Pattern on outer lines. (Click on "Download this Project" for pattern.)

1. Fold blue-and-red print 15" square in half twice to make a 7-1/2" square. Place Pillow Top/Back Pattern on folded square and trace curved line. Cut on marked line. Unfold to make pillow top circle.

2. Using blue print 15" square, repeat Step 1 to make pillow back circle; set aside until pillow assembly.

3. Referring to Appliqué Placement Diagram, position all A and B circle appliqués on pillow top circle. Fuse appliqués in place.

4. Using threads that match or contrast appliqués as desired, machine-blanket-stitch around A and B circles to complete pillow top.