Project maker Judy Sams Sohn cut rectangles from Patty Young's Mezzanine collection for Michael Miller Fabrics to create a square pillow cover. To protect seams from fraying when the pillow cover is washed and dried, she used lightweight fusible interfacing on the wrong side of the pillow top.
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Inspired by "Triple Play" from designer Patty Young

Project maker: Judy Sams Sohn

  • 5x18" piece each dark green print and pink-and-green print (pillow top)
  • 1/2 yard pink-and-red print (pillow top, pillow back)
  • 9x21" piece (fat eighth) light green print (pillow top)
  • 16-1/2" square lightweight fusible interfacing
  • 16"-square pillow form

Finished pillow: 16" square

Quantities are for 42"-wide 100% cotton fabrics. Measurements include 1/4" seam allowances. Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated.

Cut Fabrics

Cut pieces in the following order.

From dark green print, cut:

  • 1--4x16-1/2" rectangle

From pink-and-green print, cut:

  • 1--3-5/8x16-1/2" rectangle

From pink-and-red print, cut:

  • 2--10-3/4x16-1/2" rectangles
  • 1--3-5/8x16-1/2" rectangle

From light green print, cut:

  • 2--3-5/8x16-1/2" rectangles

Assemble Pillow Top

Referring to Pillow Top Diagram, lay out dark green print 4x16-1/2" rectangle and the pink-and-green print, pink-and-red print, and light green print 3-5/8x16-1/2" rectangles in a row. Join rectangles to make the pillow top; press seams in one direction. The pillow top should be 16-1/2" square including seam allowances.


Finish Pillow

1. Following manufacturer's instructions, fuse interfacing 16-1/2" square to wrong side of pillow top.

2. Turn under one long edge of each pink-and-red print 10-3/4x16-1/2" rectangle 1/4"; press. Turn under 1/4" again and stitch in place to hem pillow back pieces.

3. Referring to Pillow Back Assembly Diagram, overlap hemmed edges of pillow back pieces by about 4" to make a 16-1/2"-square pillow back. Baste overlapped edges.

4. Layer pillow top and back. Stitch around all edges to make pillow cover. Turn right side out and press. Insert pillow form through opening in pillow back.