Stitch two hems, sew two seams, and you've made an amazing pillow. Here you'll find complete instructions for making pillow covers in four sizes--from 12" to 18" square. Fabrics are from the Stonehenge Out Of The World collection by Linda Ludovico for Northcott.


  • 1/2 yard print fabric
  • 12", 14", 16" or 18" pillow insert*

Note: Instructions for sizes larger than 12" are in parentheses.

Finished pillow cover for a 12", 14", 16", or 18" square pillow insert. Sew this project with 1/4" seams.

Cut Fabrics:

From print fabric, cut one of the following:

  • 12x29" rectangle for 12" pillow cover
  • 14x33" rectangle for 14" pillow cover
  • 16x37" rectangle for 16" pillow cover
  • 18x41" rectangle for 18" pillow cover

Make Pillow Cover:

1. Turn under each short edge of print rectangle 1/4"; press. Turn under edges 1/4" again and stitch each in place.


2. Place hemmed rectangle print side (printed side) up on work surface. Fold hemmed edges of rectangle to center, overlapping hemmed edges by about 4" to make an 11-1/2x12" (13-1/2x14", 15-1/2x16", or 17-1/2x18") rectangle; pin top and bottom.


3. Sew across pinned edges using a 1/4" seam allowance, removing pins as you go.


4. Turn right side out; press. Insert pillow form through opening to complete pillow.