Scrunched squares of classic blue prints add a fun twist to a traditional pillow. Fabrics are from the Emerson collection by Dear Stella.
Ring Around the Roses Color Option
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Inspired by Ring Around the Roses from designer Keiko Clark

Quilt tester: Jan Ragaller

Materials For Pillow

*    Scraps of 25 assorted blue prints (pillow top)

*    1⁄4 yard backing fabric

*    10"-square pillow form

Finished pillow: 10 " square

Yardages and cutting instructions are based on 42" of usable fabric width.

Measurements include 1⁄4" seam allowances. Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated.

Cut Fabrics

Cut pieces in the following order.

From each assorted blue print scrap, cut:

*    1-4" square

*    1--2-1⁄2" foundation square

From backing fabric, cut: 

*    2--7-3⁄4×10-1⁄2" rectangles

Assemble Scrunched Squares

1.    Lay a blue print 2-1⁄2" foundation square wrong side up on work surface. With right side up, place the matching blue print 4" square atop 2-1⁄2" square, aligning upper-left-hand corners. Pin aligned corners together.

2.    Pin upper-right-hand corner of the 4" square to upper-right-hand corner of the 2-1⁄2" foundation square. Because the 4" square is larger than the 2-1⁄2" square, it will not lie flat.

3.    Take two 3⁄4" tucks in the 4" square; pin tucks in place (Photo 1). Sew together squares along pinned edge.


4.    Continue in a clockwise manner, aligning corners, pinning tucks, and sewing edges (Photo 2), until all four edges are stitched.


5.    Referring to Photo 3, twist loose fabric on 4" square and flatten it onto 2-1⁄2" foundation square to make a scrunched square. Tack-stitch the center folds to secure.


6.    Repeat steps 1–5 to make 25 scrunched squares total.

Assemble Pillow Top

Referring to photo, lay out scrunched squares in five horizontal rows. Sew together pieces in each row. Press seams in one direction, alternating direction with each row. Join rows to make pillow top; press seams in one direction. The pillow top should be 10-1⁄2" square including seam allowances.

Ring Around the Roses Color Option

Finish Pillow

1.    Turn one long edge of each backing fabric 7-3⁄4×10-1⁄2" rectangle under 1⁄4"; press. Turn same long edges under 1⁄4" again; press. Topstitch folded edges to hem pillow back pieces.

2.    Referring to Pillow Back Diagram, overlap hemmed edges of pillow back pieces about 4" to make a 10-1⁄2" square. Stitch across overlaps to make pillow back.


3.    Layer pillow top and pillow back with right sides together. Stitch around all edges to make pillow cover. Turn right side out through opening in pillow back; press. Insert pillow form in pillow cover.