A bottle of wine is always a thoughtful gift, but you can personalize it by enclosing it in an embellished bag.

October 16, 2015

Designer: Izzy Anderson


• Purchased burlap wine bag

• Assorted holiday-theme patterned paper

• 1-1⁄2" square punch

• Fast-drying glue

• Red sewing thread

• Chipboard accents: tree and package

• Red-and-white gingham ribbon

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Assemble Wine Bag

1. Remove side seams from burlap wine bag and lay bag flat. Note: If your bag has a separate bottom piece, remove the side seam down to that piece, but leave the bottom piece intact.

2. Punch twelve 1-1⁄2" squares from assorted holiday-theme paper. Arrange the squares on the front of the bag in a grid of three rows and four columns. Apply a dot of fast-drying glue to the back of each square to hold it in place.

3. Using red sewing thread, machine-sew just inside each square edge using a zigzag stitch. Turn wine bag wrong side out.

4. Sew the side seam closed; turn bag right side out. Glue the tree and package chipboard accents to the grid of squares.

5. Use the gingham ribbon to tie the top of the bag closed.