Wine coasters are an excellent addition to a home bar and make pretty gifts for wine-lovers. As a bonus, they are fast to assemble. Each one takes only five minutes to make so you can whip up a bunch before a party or holiday!
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Materials for One Coaster:

  • 3 -- 6" squares of floral print
  • 2 -- 6" squares of blue print

Finished coaster: 4-1/2" diameter


Assemble the Coaster:

1. Click on "Download t his Pattern" above for pattern piece. Pin the pattern on a print 6" square and cut out.

2. Repeat Step 1 with all 6" squares for five circles total.

3. Fold one floral print circle in half with wrong side together; press. Repeat with a second floral print circle and both blue print circles.


4. Place remaining floral print circle right side up on work surface. Referring to photo below, layer one blue print unit on top half of floral circle. Next, layer one floral print unit on right half of circle. Layer remaining blue print unit on bottom half of circle. Finally, layer remaining floral print unit on left half side of layered units with top half of floral print unit under first blue print unit.


5. The layered circle should look like the photo, above. If needed, adjust units so there is a small opening in the middle (this is where your wine glass stem will go).

6. Pin around edges of layered circle.


7. Sew together through all layers using a 1/4" seam allowance.


8. Turn stitched circle right side out; press outer edge to complete coaster.


5 Reasons These Coasters Are A Party Lifesaver:

1. They serve as built-in coasters so there's no need to place coasters around your home (or remind guests to use them).

2. They catch any stray drips of wine, whether from a messy pour or a clumsy guest.

3. They act as markers, so each guest can easily identify their glass.

4. They're perfect party favors. Send each guest home with one at the end of the evening.

5. They're pretty so they instantly adds a festive pop of color to your decorations.