Keep your fingers from freezing with plush fabric mittens. Fabrics are from the Animal Cuddle Print and the Textured Soft Cuddle collections by Shannon Fabrics.
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Designer: Gayle Camargo


  • 14×36" rectangle zebra print plush fabric (mitten exterior)
  • 14×36" rectangle solid gray plush fabric (mitten lining)

Finished mittens: Women's size medium

Cut Fabrics

Click on "Download this Project" above for pattern pieces. To make paper templates, trace each pattern onto paper and cut out. Pin templates to plush fabrics and cut around edges. You will need right-facing and left-facing pieces for patterns A and B (thumb and palm) from both exterior and lining fabrics. You can fold fabric in half and cut two pieces at a time, or cut one and then flip pattern on fabric to cut a reversed pattern piece.

From zebra print plush with nap going down, cut:

  • 1 each of patterns A, A reversed, B, and B reversed
  • 2 of Pattern C

From solid gray plush with nap going up, cut:

  • 1 each of patterns A, A reversed, B, and B reversed
  • 2 of Pattern C

Assemble Mittens

To make mittens reversible, use the same seam allowance to assemble the exterior and lining pieces. If you do not want to make mittens reversible, sew together zebra print exterior pieces with a 1⁄4" seam allowance and solid gray lining pieces using a 3⁄8" seam allowance. This allows the lining to fit better inside the exterior.

1.    With right sides together, layer zebra print A piece and zebra print B piece; pin (Diagram 1). Repeat with zebra print A reversed and B reversed pieces.


2.    Referring to Diagram 2, join A and B pieces, sewing around curve for thumb. Clip curves to make mitten palm. Repeat with zebra print A reversed and B reversed pieces to make a second mitten palm.


3.    With right sides together, layer a mitten palm atop a zebra print C piece; pin. Sew together around all edges, leaving bottom edge open for turning, to make a mitten exterior (Diagram 3). Turn right side out. Repeat with remaining mitten palm and zebra print C piece to make a second mitten exterior.


4.    Using solid gray A, B, A reversed, B reversed, and C pieces, repeat steps 1–3, leaving a 3" opening in side seam of each lining piece, to make two mitten linings (Diagram 4).


5.    Place a mitten exterior on your hand. With right sides together, insert mitten exterior into corresponding mitten lining, pushing thumb of mitten exterior into thumb of lining (Diagram 4). Matching side seams, pin along bottom edges; sew together (Diagram 5). Repeat with remaining exterior and lining.


6.    Pull mitten exterior and lining right side out through opening in lining (Diagram 6). Hand-stitch opening in lining closed. Repeat with remaining exterior and lining.


7.    Push lining into mitten exterior to make a mitten; fold cuff if desired. Repeat to make a pair of mittens.