Turn a T-shirt into a cute summer skirt. Slice two rectangles from a T-shirt; add seams, a casing, and elastic; and you've got it made.

September 20, 2017


  • Knit T-shirt (adult size)
  • 22"-1-1/2"-wide elastic
  • 1-1/2x3" woven fabric scrap
  • Matching or contrasting thread
  • Ballpoint machine needle

Finished skirt: little girl size 4-5 (For other sizes, see "Make It Your Size" at end of post.)

Cut Fabrics:

From T-shirt, cut:

  • 2-16-1/2x15" rectangles

Assemble Skirt:

1. Place fabric rectangles with right sides (printed sides) together. Install a ballpoint machine needle. Using a 1/4" seam allowance, sew through both layers along rectangle side edges to make a tube. For best results, use a multi-step knit stitch, or a very narrow zigzag stitch. Backstitch at beginning and end of sewing line.

2. Fold over one open end of tube 1"; press.

3. Stitch two rows on right side 7/8" and 3/4" from folded edge to make skirt hem.

4. Fold over (toward inside of skirt) remaining open end of tube 2"; press and pin to prepare skirt top for elastic waistband casing.

5. Stitch around tube 1-3/4" from fold to make casing; leave a 2" area unsewn.

TIP: Add blue tape to machine bed to the right of the needle to make a straight stitching guide.

6. On inside of tube, trim fabric below stitching to 1/8".

7. Insert 1-1/2"-wide elastic into casing. Finish elastic ends with 1-1/2x3" fabric scrap. Stitch casing opening closed to complete T-shirt skirt.

Make It Your Size

To figure width of fabric rectangles:

Hip measurement (at widest point)          (A)________"

Multiply (A) by 1.5          (B)________"

Divide (B) by 2          (C)________" width of each rectangle

To figure length of fabric rectangles:

Finished length (below casing/waist)          (D)________"

Add 1" for hem           + 1"

Add 2" for casing          + 2"

Total          (E)________" length of each rectangle

For Your Size T-shirt Skirt, cut:

• Two ______(C) x _______(E)" knit rectangles

• ________" (your waist measurement) –long piece 1-1/2"-wide elastic