This scarf couldn't be more versatile or simpler to sew! Stitch together two strips of ruffle knit fabric using two short seams and you're ready to wear it. Fabric is from
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  • 5/8 yard solid tangerine ruffle knit with 1"-wide ruffles (scarf)
  • Universal sewing machine needle
  • Orange polyester sewing thread

Finished scarf: About 11×95"

Cut Fabrics

Cut strips parallel to the ruffles.

From solid tangerine ruffle knit, cut:

  • 2--11x48" strips

Assemble Scarf

1.    With wrong sides together, align strips along one short edge, making sure ruffles lie in the same direction. Stitch together strips using a scant 1/4" seam to make scarf unit.

2.    To finish seam, fold scarf unit with right sides together along seam just sewn. Stitch 1/4" from fold, encasing first seam, to complete scarf. Trim length as desired.