Make sure your passion for quilting shows-even at your desk! Save those bits of fabric and turn them into a customized mousepad that tells your story.
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Designer: Roseann Meehan Kermes


  • Scraps of assorted bright prints
  • Scrap of yellow print
  • 7-1/2x8-3/4" rectangle lightweight fusible web
  • 20"-long medium-wide pink rickrack
  • Embroidery floss: pink, yellow
  • 3-1/2x5" photograph
  • Assorted scrapbooking stickers (available at crafts stores)
  • 7-1/2x8-1/2" purchased acrylic scrapbooking mouse pad holder
  • Lightweight cardstock or heavy paper
  • Acid-free photo mounting strip (optional)
  • Deckle-edge scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Stamping ink or marker (optional)

Finished mouse pad insert: 7x8-1/4"

Measurements include 1/4" seam allowances. Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated.

Cut Fabrics

To make the best use of your fabrics, cut pieces in the following order.

To use fusible web for appliquéing, complete the following steps.

1. Lay fusible web, paper side up, over patterns. Use a pencil to trace each flower pattern three times, leaving at least 1/2" between tracings. Cut out each fusible-web shape roughly 1/4" outside traced lines.

2. Following the manufacturer's instructions, press fusible-web shapes onto backs of designated fabrics; let cool.

3. Cut out fabric shapes on drawn lines and peel off paper backings.

From assorted bright prints, cut:

  • 2--5-1/4x4" rectangles=
  • 1--2-1/2x2-1/4" strip
  • 1--2-1/2x2" strip
  • 3--2-1/2x1-3/4" strips
  • 5--2-1/2x1-1/2" strips
  • 4--2-1/2x1" strips
  • 3 of Pattern A

From yellow print, cut:

  • 3 of Pattern B

Assemble Mouse Pad Insert

1. Aligning long edges, sew together two assorted bright print 5-1/4x4" rectangles to make center background (Mouse Pad Assembly Diagram). Press seam open.


2. Referring to Mouse Pad Assembly Diagram for placement, join assorted bright print 2-1/2"-wide strips to make two 2-1/2x7-1/2" pieced strips. Press seams open.

3. Sew a 2-1/2x7-1/2" pieced strip to each long edge of center background to make pieced insert front. Press seams open. Insert front should be 7-1/2x8-3/4". 4. Center 3-1/2x5" photo on insert front. If desired, hold in place with acid-free photo mounting strip. Position rickrack around edge of photo; baste in place. Starting at upper left corner of photo, carefully stitch down center of rickrack, catching photo edge under rickrack.

Embellish Insert

Use one strand of embroidery floss for all stitches.

1. Referring to photo, lay out three yellow print A flowers and three assorted bright print B flower centers on the pieced insert front.  Fuse in place.

2. Referring to photo as a guide, use pink floss to hand-stitch long stitches on flower petals and yellow floss for the long stitches on flower centers.

To make a long stitch on flower petal, pull your needle up at one end of petal about 1/8" from outer edge and insert it back into the fabric near the flower center. Continue in same manner until all petals are stitched.

To make a long stitch on flower center, pull your needle up at one side of flower center and insert it back into the fabric at opposite side of center. Make three long stitches total on each flower center, making certain they cross at flower center.

Finish Insert

1. Glue stickers to cardstock. Cut out with deckle-edge scissors to make tags. Using hole punch, cut a hang hole in each tag. Color edges of tags and circle with stamping ink or marker, if desired.

2. Thread together tags with six strands of yellow floss. Thread one end of yellow floss onto a needle. Referring to photo, hand-sew tags and decorative circle to one side of insert front. Tie floss strands together with a square knot leaving 2-1/2" tails; knot tail ends.

3. Lay fusible web, paper side up, over wrong side of insert front. Use a pencil to trace around the shape. Cut out fusible-web shape. Following manufacturer's instructions, press fusible-web shape to wrong side of insert front; let cool and peel off paper backing. Lay fused insert front onto cardstock or heavy paper. Fuse in place; let cool.

4. Trim embellished insert to 7x8-1/4", rounding corners. Machine-stitch close to edges through all layers to complete mouse pad insert. Slide insert in place under protective cover of mouse pad holder.