Celebrate summer with lime coasters that are perfect for drinks by the pool.
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Materials for One Coaster:

  • Crafts felt: green print and solid green
  • 1 -- 4-1/2" square lightweight fusible web
  • Pencil or pen

Finished coaster: 4" diameter

Assemble the Coaster:

1. Click on "Download this Pattern" above for the Lime Coaster Pattern. Cut out Pattern A. Pin the pattern on green print felt and cut out.


2. Lay fusible web, paper side up, over Pattern B. Use a pencil or pen to trace the pattern.

3. Following manufacturer's instructions, press the fusible web Pattern B shape onto 4-1/2" square solid green crafts felt. Let cool, then cut out fabric shapes on drawn lines.


4. Peel off the paper backings of Pattern B shapes. Arrange shapes on green print circle. Fuse Pattern B shapes in place following the manufacturer's directions; let cool.


5. Using green thread, stitch through the center of opposing Pattern B segments to complete the lime coaster.