Ready to move away from the scarf trend? Update your look with a drapey necklace constructed from rounds of twisted and braided T-shirt yarn.

Designer: Katelyn Wheaton


  • Two T-shirts in coordinating colors (preferably with thin, soft cotton-old, worn shirts work best)
  • Needle
  • Sewing thread

Assemble the Necklace

1. Lay one T-shirt on flat work surface. Cut off bottom hemmed edge of shirt; discard strip. Cut as many 1-1⁄2"-wide strips from T-shirt as possible, cutting each strip as long as possible.

Note: To get longest possible strip, start cutting at bottom front of shirt, go over a shoulder, and end at bottom back when possible. Strips do not have to be same length. Cut off shirt sleeves; set aside. Repeat with second T-shirt.

2. When all strips have been cut, sort by length and color. Gently pull on opposite strip ends to curl under strip edges.

3. Start joining groups of yarn by twisting or braiding them. Lay pieces flat on table, and secure ends of each group with small T-shirt yarn scrap ties.

4. Holding all groups together, tie together ends. Cut open sleeve; wrap fabric around knots. Use needle and thread to secure wrap.