Keep your sewing space clear of loose threads with a small catcher that can sit on the bed of your machine or be packed for on-the-go sewing.


  • 6.5" square of fabric
  • 4" square of batting
  • 4" square of cardstock or Manila folder
  • Fusible spray
  • Marking pen


1. Mark a dot 1-1/4" from each corner on wrong side of fabric square

2. Following manufacturer's instructions, fuse the batting square to the cardstock. Then fuse the cardstock to the wrong side of the fabric, aligning corners of cardstock to marked corner dots.

3. Fold in each corner of the fabric to reach the batting; press.

4. Fold in each edge of the fabric to reach the batting; press.

5. Fold each edge in one more time to overlap the batting; press. Hold fabric in place with pins or binding clips.

6. Stitch 1/8" from outer and inside edge of fabric to hold all layers in place.