Whether you're baking for a holiday party or cooking up gifts for everyone on your list (including pets!), these scrumptious recipes are perfect for the season.

Snickerdoodle Cookies

Why mess with perfection? Classic snickerdoodle cookies are warm, gooey, and coated in sweet cinnamon-sugar. Be sure to watch closely as the baking time nears to achieve deliciously golden cookies.

Hush Puppy Mix

This classic Southern small bite is an unexpected mix to give for the holidays. Bring a batch of prepared and warm Hush Puppies to a holiday party with a pup-loving host.

Nutty Squash Dog Treats

Cut these treats with a cookie cutter in a fun, dog-friendly shape, such as a bone, if desired.

Almond Sugar Cutout Cookies

Here's your go-to recipe when you want to make sugar cookies. These are great for cutouts during the holidays or any other time of year.

Savory Kitty Cookies

Cut these cookies using fish-shape cookie cutters to play up the fun factor.