Wrap your hot drinks with a handmade felt cozy. We'll show you the easy sewing technique responsible for the fun zigzag patterns in the cozy's design. Get pattern at www.allpeoplequilt.com/cozy.

October 13, 2016


Here's how to sew a colorful felt collar for a straight-sided teacup for a takeout coffee cup. Here's what you'll need: two 8x12" sheets of a 100% wool felt, a can of quilter's spray adhesive, a template, sharp scissors, straight pins, ombre thread to match the felt, and a sewing machine. Spray one side of one of the felt sheets with the adhesive. Lay the other felt sheet on top of the adhesive and press to adhere. Print and cut out the template, then spray one side of the template with adhesive, press it to the felt, cut out the shape, and peel off the paper. There will be enough room on one sheet it felt to make two cozies. Align a short side of the felt shape with the 5/8"mark on the sewing machine's foot plate. Sew a straight line to the bottom edge of the felt. Repeat on the other short side. These are the guidelines between which you will sew the decorative zigzag stitch later. You also need guidelines at the top and bottom of the cozy. On a long side of the felt shape, position the needle about a 1/4" edge and sew straight across the felt. Repeat on the other long side. Now you are ready to sew the decorative zigzag stitch between the guidelines you have made. Starting at the guideline on one of the short sides sew at a slight angle across to the other guideline. Turn the fabric and repeat in the opposite direction. Continue sewing back and forth at an angle until the area between top and bottom guidelines is full. Hold the short sides of the felt together so the guidelines meet. Pin the layers together so that the edges are even. Sew along the guidelines to join the two sides. Repeat the stitch three or four times. Remove the felt from the sewing machine, take the pins out, remove the loose threads and the tab. Flip the cozy over a straight-sides teacup or a takeout coffee cup and enjoy.