Update a purchased plain-Jane cardigan with fabric rosettes to give it a fashion-forward look. These fabrics are from the Innocent Crush Voile collection by Anna Maria Horner for FreeSpirit Fabrics.
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Inspired by Decor with a Twist by Vanessa Christenson of V and Co.

Project testers: Maria Charbonneaux and Elizabeth Stumbo


  • 9x22" piece (fat eighth) each light blue, navy, and yellow prints (rosettes)
  • Purchased blue cardigan

Finished rosette: approximately 2-1/2" diameter

Quantities are for 44/45"-wide, 100% cotton fabrics. Measurements include 1/4" seam allowances. Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated.

Cut Fabrics

From each light blue, navy, and yellow print, cut:

  • 1--5x19" strip

Assemble Rosettes

1. Using a long running stitch (Photo 1), gather one short edge of print 5x19" strip.


2. Lightly twist fabric strip while holding down gathered end on a solid surface (Photo 2).


3. Twist and fold over gathered end to make rosette center (Photo 3).


4. On back of rosette center, tack fold in place (Photo 4), being careful that stitches do not appear on front.


5. Continue twisting and wrapping fabric strip around rosette center, tacking at each turn (Photo 5), until only a 1" tail remains.


6. Tack tail to back (Photo 6) to complete rosette.


7. Using remaining print 5x19" strips, repeat steps 1–6 to make three rosettes total.

8. Referring to photo, position rosettes on lapel of cardigan; pin. Hand-stitch in place, being careful that the stitches do not appear on the front side of rosettes.

More Ideas for Using Rosettes

Now that you know how to make fabric rosettes, use them to embellish other items in your home and wardrobe.


  • Adorn the rim of a lampshade.
  • Top napkin rings made of wood or fabric.
  • Arrange a cluster at the corner of a picture frame.
  • Jazz up a purchased tea towel.
  • Adhere to a magnet or flat-head tack.


  • Glue a single rosette to a headband or barrette.
  • Stitch multiple rosettes to a length of ribbon to fashion a necklace, bracelet, or belt.
  • Embellish the collar of a crew-neck T-shirt.
  • Attach to a pin back to make a brooch that can be worn on the lapel of a coat or on a purchased or handmade tote bag.

Tips for Attaching Rosettes

To apply fabric rosettes to hard surfaces or items that aren't easily stitched, use a hot-glue gun and glue sticks or permanent fabric adhesive, such as Fabri-Tac by Beacon Adhesives, Aleene's Fabric Fusion by Duncan, or Liquid Stitch by Dritz. To prevent adhesive from seeping to the front of a rosette, hand-stitch a scrap of felt to the back of the rosette and apply the adhesive to the felt.