Holiday drinks and dessert won't be complete without festive cocktail napkins. These DIY napkins are simple to make and wash easily for a quick cleanup! Fabrics are from the Tole Christmas by Gina Martin forĀ Moda Fabrics.

Materials for One Napkin:

  • 1--12" square of fabric
  • Sewing gauge and small ruler

Finished napkin: 11" square

Assemble the Napkin:

1. Lay fabric square with right side down. Align two rulers or seam gauges with the top and side of the square. Fold the corner so triangle sides measure 1"; press in place. Repeat for all four corners.


2. Unfold corner; trim triangle leaving 1/4" turned under.


3. Fold each side edge of the fabric square over 1/4"; press in place.


4. Fold each side edge of the square over 1/4" again; press in place.


5. The folded side edges should match perfectly to make a mitered corner for a clean and less bulky finish. Pin the corners in place.


6. Stitch around napkin an 1/8" from outer edge to complete napkin. We used a contrasting thread, but you could choose a matching thread for invisible stitches.