Make a paper envelope with an endearing puppy face, and stuff it with people-pleasing cookies. 

Designer: Megan McCright


• 12" square printed cardstock

• Scraps of cardstock in tan, white, and brown

• Glue

Finished size: 4" square

Cut Pieces

Click on "Download this Project" above for pattern pieces.

From tan cardstock, cut or punch:

• 2 of Pattern A or 2-1 -1⁄2"-diameter scalloped circles

• 2 of Pattern F

• 1 of Pattern G

From white cardstock, cut or punch:

• 2 of Pattern B or 2-7⁄8"-diameter circles

From brown cardstock, cut:

• 2 of Pattern C or 2-3⁄8"-diameter circles

• 1 of Pattern D or 1⁄2"-diameter circle

• 2 of Pattern E or 1"-diameter circle cut in half to make two semicircles

Assemble the Envelope

1. On wrong side of printed cardstock square mark lines 4" from each corner (Diagram 1).

2. Cut away four 4"-square corners as indicated by shading to create a cross shape.

3. As indicated on Diagram 2, measure and mark points on all edges; cut away on marked lines.

4. Score on drawn lines, fold sides in, then fold bottom up. Secure the three overlapped points with glue (Diagram 3).

5. Referring to photo, glue pieces A-F in place to create dog embellishment.

6. Slip one or two plastic-wrapped cookies inside envelope. Secure flap as desired.