Embellish the lid of a gift box with fabric ribbon.


  • Fabric
  • Double-sided carpet tape
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Rotary cutter
  • Cutting mat

Make Fabric Tape

Use a ruler and scissors to cut carpet tape to desired lengths. Peel backing off one side of a tape length. Center tape length on wrong side of fabric, sticky side down. Smooth tape to adhere it to the fabric. Use a rotary cutter to trim taped fabric to desired widths and lengths.

Add Tape to Gift Box

To use a woven ribbon wrapping technique to decorate a gift box lid, cut strips from four different patterns of fabric tape. Make sure the strips are long enough to wrap onto the lid sides; do not remove the backing. Weave the strips across the lid. Once you're comfortable with the design, peel and cut off only 1" of backing from each strip end; leave the rest of the backing in place. Press strips ends to the lid sides to hold the weave in place.