Add a cheerful touch to your desk or work space with cross-stitched magnets.
Cross-Stitch Quilty Magnets
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Inspired by: A Stitch in Time from designer Cathy Habermann

Project tester: Doris Brunnette

Finished sizes: 2" and 1-5/8" in diameter

Materials for Three Magnets

  • 3— 4" squares white 28-count Aida cloth
  • Embroidery floss: aqua, gray, tan, red, pink
  • 3" embroidery hoop
  • Wire cutters
  • Cover button kit for one 1-7/8"-diameter button
  • Cover button kit for two 1-1/2"-diameter buttons
  • 5×8" adhesive magnet sheet

Cross-Stitch Motifs

Click on "Download this Project" for full-size cross-stitch patterns. Stitching is done in the 2 over 2 method, which means carrying two strands of floss over two holes for each stitch.

1. Fold an Aida cloth 4" square in half vertically, finger-press fold, and unfold. Fold same square in half horizontally, finger-press, and unfold. Place cloth square in embroidery hoop, pulling fabric taut. Make sure you can see where finger-pressed folds intersect.

2. Following the cross-stitch pattern of your choice, start the center of the motif at the finger-pressed intersection and cross-stitch with two strands of floss. To cross-stitch, pull needle up at A (Cross-Stitch Diagram), push it down at B, bring it up at C, and push it down at D. Continue until motif is complete. Weave tails from last stitch under previous stitches; trim ends.

Cross-Stitch Quilty Magnets

3. Remove cloth from hoop. Using a warm iron, press wrong side of finished cross-stitch.

4. Repeat steps 1–3 to stitch remaining patterns.

5. Use wire cutters to cut shanks off one 1-7/8"-diameter button back and two 1-1/2"-diameter button backs.

6) Following cover button kit instructions, fashion the scissors cross-stitch into a 1-7/8"-diameter covered button and the spool and pincushion cross-stitches into 1-1/2"-diameter covered buttons.

7. Trace each covered button onto adhesive magnet sheet. Cut out circles slightly inside traced lines. Peel off adhesive backings and stick magnet circles to backs of covered buttons to complete magnets.

Cross-Stitch Quilty Magnets