Feature a strawberry block in a cheerful pot holder. A hanging loop makes it easy to display it in your kitchen. Fabrics are from the Colorworks and Toscana collections by Northcott.
Berry Good Pot Holder
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Inspired by: From the Berry Patch from designer Emily Vardeman

Quilt tester: Diane Tomlinson

Finished pot holder: 8" square

Finished block: 6" square

Materials for One Pot Holder

Yardages and cutting instructions are based on 42" of usable fabric width.

  • 10" square solid red (block)
  • Scrap of solid white (block)
  • 8" square solid dark green (block)
  • 12" square solid light green (border, loop, backing)
  • 8" square insulated batting, such as Insul-Bright
  • 8-1/2" square cotton batting
  • Quilt basting spray
  • Chopstick or pencil

Cut Fabrics

Cut pieces in the following order.

From solid red, cut:

  • 3—2-3/8" squares
  • 1—3-1/2" square
  • 2—2" squares

From solid white, cut:

  • 1—2-3/8" square

From solid dark green, cut:

  • 2—2-3/8" squares
  • 1—3-1/2" square

From solid light green, cut:

  • 1—8-1/2" square
  • 2—1-1/2×8-1/2" strips
  • 2—1-1/2×6-1/2" strips
  • 1—2×5" strip

Assemble Block

Measurements include 1/4" seam allowances. Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated.

Press seams in directions indicated by arrows on diagrams. If no direction is specified, press seam toward darker fabric.

1. Use a pencil to mark a diagonal line on wrong side of each solid red 2-3/8" square.

2. Layer a marked solid red square atop solid white 2-3/8" square. Sew  1/4" on each side of diagonal line (Diagram 1). Cut apart on drawn line to make two triangles. Press triangles open to make two white triangle-squares. Each triangle-square should measure 2" square.

Berry Good Pot Holder

3. Repeat Step 2 using solid dark green 2-3/8" squares to make four green triangle-squares.

4. Referring to Diagram 2 for color placement, sew together one solid red 2" square, one white triangle-square, and two green triangle-squares in pairs. Join pairs to make Unit A. The unit should be 3-1/2" square including seam allowances.

Berry Good Pot Holder

5. Referring to Diagram 3 for color placement, repeat Step 4 to make Unit B.

Berry Good Pot Holder

6. Referring to Diagram 4, sew together solid dark green 3-1/2" square, Unit A, Unit B, and solid red 3-1/2" square in pairs. Join pairs to make strawberry block. The block should be 6-1/2" square including seam allowances.

Berry Good Pot Holder

Assemble Pot Holder

1. Referring to Diagram 5, sew solid light green 1-1/2×6-1/2" strips to opposite block edges. Join solid light green 1-1/2×8-1/2" strips to remaining block edges to make pot holder front. Press all seams toward light green strips. The pot holder front should be 8-1/2" square including seam allowances.

Berry Good Pot Holder

2. With wrong side inside, fold solid light green 2×5" strip in half lengthwise (Diagram 6), lightly press to mark center, and unfold. Fold long raw edges in to meet at center. Fold at center to enclose raw edges, align folded edges, and press. Edgestitch double-folded edge. Fold in half crosswise to make a loop; match raw edges and baste.

Berry Good Pot Holder

3. Referring to Diagram 7, pin loop raw edges to border of pot holder front dark green corner.

Berry Good Pot Holder

4. Following manufacturer's instructions, apply basting spray to one side of insulated batting square and cotton batting square.

5. Place insulated batting square, basting spray side up, on a flat surface. Center cotton batting square, basting spray side up, on insulated batting square. Layer pot holder front, right side up, on batting squares. Top pot holder front with solid light green backing square, wrong side up. Referring to Diagram 8, stitch outer edges through all layers, pivoting at corners and leaving a 5" opening in one edge for turning. Trim corners.

Berry Good Pot Holder

6. Turn layered unit right side out through opening. Using chopstick or the eraser end of a pencil, push out corners. Sew opening closed to complete pot holder.