Cut, stitch and unravel burlap to make a rustic, fringed fall place mat in 10 minutes or less. In an hour, you'll could make a set of six. Really short on time? Make one for a centerpiece mat and finish the remainder of the set for next year

Materials for Six Place Mats:

  • 1-1/2 yards burlap (38" wide or wider)

Finished place mat: 14x18"

Assemble the Place Mats:

1. Trim selvage off one long edge of burlap.

2. Clip into an adjacent edge of burlap.


3. Separate one lengthwise (warp) thread at clip and gently pull on this thread.


4. Pull thread completely out of burlap to make an open line. TIP: If the thread breaks while you are pulling, use a large pin or small crochet hook to bring broken end to the surface, and continue pulling.


5. Use shears to cut along open line. TIP: We used shears with a unique handle configuration especially designed to keep fabric flat on tabletop while you cut.


6. Using long cut edge of burlap as a guide, clip and pull a thread to make open lines 14" and 28" above the first cut edge; cut along open lines to make two burlap 14x54" strips. Clip and pull out a thread 18" and 36" from one short edge of a 14x54" burlap strip; cut along open lines to make three 14x18" rectangles. Repeat with second burlap strip to make six 14x18" rectangles total.


7. Clip into a 14x18" burlap rectangle 1" from outer edge. Pull thread as done before to make an open line. Continue around outer edges of rectangle until you have created an open line parallel to each edge.


8. Use a straight stitch to sew along each open line.

9. Working on one long edge, unravel and remove threads up to stitching line to make 1" fringe.


10. Repeat Step 9 making 1" fringe around outer edges to complete one place mat.

11. Repeat steps 7-10 to make six place mats total.