Sew along with Linda to make an adorable treat bag. Use the decorative stitches on your sewing machine to embellish the bag front. Click here for instructions.


Happy Halloween! I'm Linda Augsburg, Executive Editor for American Patchwork & Quilting magazine and in this Show Me How video I'm going to show you how to make this adorable treat bag. Now this video is brought to you by Baby Lock and the Crescendo machine, so we're going to do some fun machine stitching in this project. In order to make this little treat bag, which is great for gift giving, you can see we put a couple candy bars in here, not so much made for trick or treating. You're going to need some orange felt, you're going to start with a ten by twelve inch piece of orange felt and you're going to cut it into two- 5.25 inch squares and then three-1.5 inch by 5.25 inch strips. You're also going to need a scrap of black felt for the spider's body, you're going to need two wiggle eyes, I used 12 millimeter wiggle eyes, you're going to need one piece of polka dot ribbon about three quarters of an inch wide and that's twenty four inches, you're going to cut it into two- twelve inch lengths. And then you'll need a little bit of fiber fill for the spider's body and some glue if your wiggle eyes are not adhesive. Of course you can get the instructions for this project and steps to follow along at I cut the oval using the pattern that's in the pdf, then you're going to mark a smile for your spider's face and I used the chalk pencil for that that would show up on the black felt. Now I'm using wool felt which is a little thicker than the sheets of craft felt that you'll find in craft stores, you can also find wool felt in the craft store on the wool felting part. I decided rather than to hand stitch this smile, which was done in the instructions with a chain stitch, I'm going to use the machine, I choose a satin scallop stitch which is just going to make a nice fun little toothy grin to my spider. Now we're going to pin the body to the five and quarter inch square of orange that's going to be the front of your bag, you're going to top stitch right along this edge leaving an opening for stuffing. Because we're using felt it doesn't ravel so you don't have to worry about turning into that edge or finishing it in any way. Now I'm going to add the legs, now with the size of this bag you might only have space for six legs or if you want to squeeze them in, you can squeeze in eight legs. So you're going to zig zag stitch in a longer zig zag, mine is two point five millimeters, so the stitches are further apart in a zig zag up and down and then for the little feet I'm going to tighten up that stitch so that they are much closer together and just do a little foot. And I'm going to do this before I stuff, and the reason for that is it's easier to get the two layers of felt under my pressor foot and zig zag if it's not anymore puffy than it is right now. So you can see I've added that leg so now I'm going to change my stitch length so it's much denser. I'm just going to make a few very tight zig zags there, a nice tacking stitch to hold that zig zag. And then I'll cut the thread. So you can see I've got this nice zig zag leg and then a little foot. I'm going to do that for all of his legs, and you'll find they are going to overlap and that's okay. Now that I've got all the legs on my spider, I'm going to stuff a little, just a little bit of fiber fill in there just to give him a little extra dimension, you'll want to spread that out, make sure you're getting to all the edges. I'm going to use a straight stitch and sew that opening closed. It's time to glue on the google eyes, so you're just going to use some tacky glue and attach those eyes. So now I'm going to sew those one and half inch by five and quarter inch pieces for the sides and bottom together, I'm going to sew one edge of the short edge and I'm going to sew the next one on as well. So now you can see I've sewn one seam. Now I'm going to sew the second seam. I'm just going to make sure that I'm sewing that seam so that the raw edges or the cut edges are going in the same direction those are going to be on the outside of the bag. Now to sew that strip to the front of the bag, I'm going to pin aligning these edges and when I get to a quarter inch from the corner where that seam is going to be, I'm going to stop and pivot keeping my needle in the fabric and then I'm going to re adjust this strip so that I can sew the bottom on and again a quarter inch from the corner, leave my needle in pivot and sew on the other side. Once I sew the front to the side pieces, I'll do the same with the back. ?So now I'm at the corner, I'm going to lift my presser foot with my needle in, I'm going to press that strip back and make sure that seam allowance from the strip is behind there and then line those edges up, put my presser foot down and sew this seam. And the last step is to sew those twelve inch pieces of ribbon to the front and back of the bag, about half inch in and I use the zig zag stitch, not to dense but a zig zag stitch to keep everything in place and give me a little more stability. I just sew those two ends in and then I'll do the same on the back. So that's all there is too it, if your anything like me you're gonna want to make a bunch of these too hand out to your friends this Halloween, so, start sewing they go so quick. Thanks again for joining us. And if you need those instructions it's