Festive fabric baskets easily hold a few treats, colored Easter eggs, or other seasonal favors. Their small size makes them a great option for party favors or place settings. They take just a bit of fabric to make. You can cut enough pieces for three lined baskets from just ¼ yard of fabric. Fabric is from the Confetti Dot collection by Dear Stella.
Tiny Spring Baskets

Designer: Monica Rodriguez for Dear Stella

Materials for One Basket

  • 2--6-1/2x9" rectangles polka dot fabric (matching or contrasting)
  • 1--6-1/2x9" rectangle thin batting (cotton or polyester)
  • Water-soluble marking pen

Finished basket: about 3x2-1/2x3"

Sew this project with 1/4" seams. (Note: For easy viewing in this tutorial we used lavender polka dot for outer basket, pink polka dot for basket lining, and dark thread for stitching.)

Assemble Basket

1. Stitching about 1/8" from edges, machine-baste (about 6 stitches per inch) 6-1/2x9" batting rectangle to wrong side of 6-1/2x9" lavender rectangle.


2. With right side inside, fold Step 1 rectangle in half matching short edges; pin.


3. Sew sides of folded rectangle; press.


4. Clip seam allowance at fold.


5. Press seam open.


6. Shape a flat bottom. At one corner,  match seam line with pressed fold, creating a flattened triangle. Measuring 1-1/2" from point of triangle, draw a line across triangle.


7. Sew on drawn line. Trim 1/4" from stitching. Repeat with remaining bottom corner.


8. Turn right side out to make basket body.

9. Repeat steps 2–8 with matching or contrasting polka dot rectangle, leaving a 1-1/2--2" opening along one side to make basket lining. Do not turn basket lining right side out.

10. Insert basket body inside basket lining with right sides together.


11. Align top edges and side seams; pin together top edges of basket body and basket lining.


12. Using a 1/4" seam, sew together top edges of basket body and lining.


13. Turn right side out through opening in lining.


14. Hand-stitch opening closed.


15. Insert lining back into basket body and press top edge.


16. Topstitch 1/4" from top edge through all layers to complete basket.

17. Turn top edge over at basket top to make narrow cuff to complete basket.