Stop searching for a spot to rest your needle, scissors, and thread when you're hand stitching. This small sewing caddy will corral them in style.

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Designer: Roseann Meehan Kermes

6x16" piece gold felted wool
Scraps of blue, green, and pink felted wool

For instructions on how to felt wool, click here.Download this Project

Cut Fabrics

From gold wool, cut:
1 - 1/2x6" strip for hanger
3 of Pattern A

From blue wool, cut:
1 of Pattern B

From green wool, cut:
2 of Pattern C

From pink wool, cut:
1 of Pattern D

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Assemble Sewing Caddy

1. Turn upper 2" of one gold wool A circle to the front; pin. Referring to photo, backstitch a green vine through all layers, then add dark pink French knot flowers.

2. Referring to Placement Diagram, arrange B and D flowers and C leaf pieces at bottom of folded A circle.

3. Blanket-stitch around flowers with matching floss and add gold French knots to flower center.

4. With green floss, use a running stitch to anchor leaves, pulling gently to gather.

5. Fold the gold wool 1/2x6" strip in half and insert ends between tops of remaining gold wool A circles. Sew together layered circles and folded circle with a blanket stitch.