Add a retail detail to your next bag project by reinforcing the handles. It's a simple way to add durability to your finished project.


Hi, I'm Jennifer, with another Machine Minute brought to you by Baby Lock and Symphony machine. Bag-making is a popular pursuit for many sewers. But how do you get your bags to look as good as those that you buy in the store? Well, here's a little retail detail that can help you strengthen your bag handles. When it comes time to join your bag handles to the bag body, it adds a lot of stress, and if you overstuff your bag like I sometimes do, you want to make sure you have as much strength as possible so you won't tear the fabric. Here's a tip. When you're sewing your bag handle to your bag body, sew with a little rectangle first and then an 'X'. This will help distribute some of the stress on the handle so that it's not all pulling on one part of the fabric. When I sewed mine on, I went from here, across straight, down, across the bottom, and back up to make the square. Then I went diagonally and sewed a second row of stitching across the bottom, then diagonally up with a second row of stitching across the top. Of course, you'd want to choose thread that matches the color of your bag body so this detail isn't obvious from the outside. But it can add strength and stability to make sure that your handles stay put. Give it a try!