Grab two of your two favorite fabrics to make a fabulous summer bag. For this version of Fresh Start, project tester Jan Ragaller chose two prints, a multicolor chevron and a tone-on-tone coordinate, from the Stitch organic cotton collection by Betz White for Robert Kaufman Fabrics.
Bright Chevron Bag
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Designer: Cheryl Bush of Sew Can Do

Project tester: Jan Ragaller


  • 1⁄2 yard multicolor chevron print (bag, lining)
  • 1⁄2 yard blue tone-on-tone (bag, lining)

Finished bag: 12x13-1⁄2" (excluding strap)

Quantities are for 100% cotton fabrics.

Measurements include 1/4" seam allowances. Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated.

Cut Fabrics

Cut pieces in the following order. See following pages for Bag Pattern. Refer to Cutting Diagram to make the best use of your fabrics. Be sure to transfer the dots marked on the pattern piece to the template, then to fabric pieces. These dots are matching points and are necessary when joining pieces.


From multicolor chevron print, cut:

  • 2 of Bag Pattern
  • 2--2-1⁄2x18" strips

From blue tone-on-tone, cut:

  • 2 of Bag Pattern
  • 2--2-1⁄2x18" strips

Assemble Bag Body and Bag Lining

1. On each multicolor chevron print bag piece fold the short straight edges under 1⁄8" twice from the overlap marking point to bag lower corner (Diagram 1); press. Topstitch folds in place to hem. Repeat with blue tone-on-tone bag pieces.


2. Lay a multicolor chevron print bag piece right side up on working surface. Referring to Diagram 2, place a blue tone-on-tone bag piece right side up over half the chevron print bag piece; match lower curved edges and pin.


3. Referring to Diagram 3, fold right-hand half of multicolor chevron print bag piece over half of blue tone-on-tone piece; match lower curved edges and pin.


4. Fold left-hand half of blue tone-on-tone bag piece over half of multicolor chevron piece; match lower curved edges and pin (Diagram 4).


5. Sew all four layers together along lower curve to make bag body (Diagram 5).


6. Clip small notches into seam allowances along curves (Diagram 6). Turn bag body right side out.


7. Repeat steps 2–6 with remaining bag pieces to make bag lining. Leave lining wrong side out.

Assemble Strap

1. Sew together short ends of multicolor chevron print 2-1⁄2x18" strips. Press seam open. Repeat to join blue tone-on-tone 2-1⁄2x18" strips.

2. Join pieced multicolor chevron strips and pieced blue tone-on-tone strips along long edges (Diagram 7).


3. Turn right side out; press. Topstitch 1⁄8" from long edges to make strap (Diagram 8).


Finish Bag

1. Turn in 1⁄4" along upper diagonal edges of each bag body and bag lining section (Diagram 9). With wrong sides together, insert bag lining into bag body, matching folded edges of bag to corresponding lining section (Diagram 10). Pin in place.


2. Insert strap raw ends 1⁄2" between lining and bag body layers, centering ends at bag sides (Diagram 11).


3. Topstitch upper diagonal bag body edges 1⁄8" from folded edges, catching strap ends in stitching. Overlap stitching at lower V on each side to secure top of outer pocket (Diagram 12). Repeat on opposite side.


4. For outer pockets, measure and mark 3" from lower curve along diagonal edge (Diagram 13). Stitch over previous stitching through lining to make one outer pocket. Repeat on opposite side to make a second outer pocket and complete bag.