School: Phoomph - Flower Ball

Tool School: Phoomph - Flower Ball

Create this decorative flower ball with Phoomph, a double sided, fabric bonding sheet that is so easy to use!

Need to add a little oomph to your project? Try some Phoomph. Hi, I'm Beth, and if you like to work with fabric, then you need to know about Phoomph. It's the perfect way to add the thickness and structure you need to get really creative. Phoomph is available in two textures: soft, which bends easily for projects you want to remain flexible, and stiff which allows you to create 3D shapes with fabric like this really cool 3D flower ball that's a snap to make. Phoomph comes in 9x12" bonding sheets and I've cut these down a little bit smaller. You're going to cover both sides with fabric. It's great to choose complementary or even contrasting fabrics for this project. You don't need an iron to adhere your fabric. Phoomph has adhesive on both sides of the sheet. Now using the template that you can download at the Coats & Clark website, cut out 12 of these slotted flower shapes. You don't have to worry about frayed or raveling edges as you cut, because Phoomph actually seals those fabric edges. And because it comes in so many colors you don't have to wrap the Phoomph sheet with fabric. That colored edge becomes a design element in your project. With all your shapes cut out you're going to join them using the slots. The first flower is the top of the ball. Then encircle that with five flowers. That's the top half of the ball. Attach the next row of five flowers then add the next flower at the bottom. Phoomph adds just the right texture to your fabric so you get this great dimensions and depth. It's so easy to customize your decor, and there are so many more wonderful ways to use Phoomph. Visit and check out all the great projects you can try.