School: Phoomph - Key Fob

Tool School: Phoomph - Key Fob

Make a quick and easy key fob with Phoomph, a double sided, fabric bonding sheet that makes it easy to craft with fabric!

Need to add a little oomph to your project? Try some Phoomph. Hi, I'm Beth. Phoomph is a great product that will add thickness and structure to your fabric projects. It's available in two textures: stiff which allows you to create 3D shapes with fabric, and soft which bends easily, perfect for projects you want to remain flexible, like this cute key fob. Watch how simple Phoomph is to use. I love that you don't have to get out a hot iron to use Phoomph. It's a fabric-bonding sheet that has adhesive on both the front and the back. So choose from one of the eight available colors to coordinate with your fabric and cut it to a one and half by twelve-inch strap. Cover both sides of the strap with your fabric and them trim the whole thing back to one inch wide. Next cover one side of a 2 inch by 4 inch piece of Phoomph with a contrasting fabric, or like I'm using one that has a design element I want to feature. And make sure that's in the center. Trim this piece back to a one-inch wide strip. This is going to be a little band that wraps about the fob strap. And don't worry about your fabric raveling when your cutting Phoomph actually seals the fabrics edges as you cut. Now you need a piece of Phoomph that's just less than one inch square. Peel just one side of the backing paper and adhere it to the strap about an inch and half from one end. Peel off the other piece of the backing and thread the end of the strap through the swivel clasp. Fold it up and secure it up to the other side of the Phoomph square. Peel the backing off the band you made then fold the sides of the band around to the back and overlap the ends, trimming away any excess. And that's how easy it is to use. This cute, customized fob makes the perfect gift and you'll want to make oodles because they're so fast and easy. Thanks to the oomph from Phoomph.