's Your HQ Number?

What's Your HQ Number?

What's YOUR HQ Number? It depends on what's most important to you. Are you looking for throat space? Versatility? Technology? HandiQuilter has everything you're looking for and more!

What's your HQ number? Well, it depends on what's most important to you. Are you looking for throat space, versatility, technology?  A Handi Quilter's got everything you are looking for and more. Since the very beginning, Handi Quilter's engineers have worked closely with real quilters to design systems that meet quilter's unique needs. The results: options. Not every quilter is the same. So, are you an HQ16, an 18, maybe you're a 24. Let's find your HQ number. If you like to a free motion quilt with your domestic machine, but your looking for a little more throat space, you're an HQ16. The HQ16 is compact and comfortable. You'll have studio space for a 30x 6" costume table and you can adjust the height to fit you just right. With a top speed of 1500 stitches per minute, set the speed you're comfortable at and use any thread you want. The hopping foot is designed especially for free motion quilting and the Ott lighting is easy on mature eyes. The biggest benefit of the HQ16? You can sit while you quilt, making it easier to lose yourself in your favorite projects for hours on end. If you are all about options, you're an HQ18. This system is loaded with versatility. Chose from three table/frame/track combinations. The HQ adjustable table is made for quick and easy set up and take down and lets you chose how long and how high your table will be. The quilt table is perfect for tight studio space. Mounted on wheels, it's light and mobile. The HQ studio frame features snap and pulls, a smooth turning handrail, and a precision glide aluminum track. Once you've created your custom set up, you'll love the 18" of throat space that allows you to quilt at 12" block on point. That's a full 15" of quilting space. Lot of settings lets you individualize the system, which can reach a top speed of 1800 stitches per minute. Fingertip controls, color touchscreens in front and back along with built-in diagnostics make this system high-tech and high-performing. If you like to go big, you are an HQ24. It is 24"of throat space and gives you room to realize your big ideas. The HQ24 lets you take long arm quilting to the next level with two kinds of stitch regulation, fingertip controls, and variable stitcheries with a top speed of 2200 stitches per minute. The tilt action, color touchscreen monitor along with the onboard video/audio playback system gives you easy to control instant feedback and support. This high-tech system gives you the smoothest stitch available putting you on par with the professionals. So, have you decided if you are a 16, an 18, maybe a 24? No matter what number you are, you can take advantage of the powerful HQ Pro-Stitcher. This compact add-on mounts easy to your HQ stitch-regulated quilt machine and allows you to translate your ideas into beautiful computerized quilting. View and manipulate your designs right at the machine, no additional PC is needed to run the Pro-Stitcher. Resize, rotate, and repeat designs to fit your needs and your quilt. Powerful, versatile, and best of all, easy to use. So no matter what you're looking for, Handi Quilter's got your number and now you do too.