School: Baby Lock Evolution

Tool School: Baby Lock Evolution

A Serger can open up so many possibilities when it comes to quilting. Take a look at what the Babylock Evolution has to offer.

Looking for a way to make your quilting more creative? Take a serger for a spin. Hi, I'm Beth, and a serger can open up so many possibilities for your quilting. This is the Baby Lock Evolution. Let's take a look at some of the features that make this so special. The feature I love about this machine is the extraordinary threading system. It's the only system that lets you thread your upper and lower loopers at the same time, and you can even do your upper, lower, and chain loopers all the same time, which is really revolutionary. And it's really easy to do. You just turn this lever to threading, and you turn your little hand wheel until the channels lock and you can hear it, so that's locked in. And now, I'm just going to feed my threads into the port. So, I've got my chain looper here and I'm gonna feed that in, really easy. I got my lower, put that one in next. It doesn't matter which order you do these in either. I just like to go this way. And my upper for the last one thread that in and a little bit, about an inch or so. And you just press this button and they all thread right through the machine. So, you're ready to stitch. And just like Baby Lock's other sergers, this also had the automatic thread delivery system to balance your tension for perfect tension every time. So, even when I am switching from fabric to fabric, the Evolution automatically adjusts tension. I love that I don't have to worry about adjusting tension or settings every time. I have to switch fabrics, and go. It makes it really quick. So getting set up is a snap, but what I really wanna show you are how many different options you have at your fingertips to get creative. Many of the stitches are really great for embellishing fabric. I've got a wide cover stitch here with a variegated chain looper and you can just kind of freeform a design. So, I'm just going to do a little kind of curved line here and then when you turn it over, you get this really great decorative effect with that variegated thread. This is completely freeform, no rules; you just kind of create your own decorative fabric. Let's throw another on here. Lets adjust our stitch length a little bit and we'll go across this time. It's a little bit more of a straight one. So that was a little bit of a looser stitch, and you can see the difference there, but you just create your own fabric and then you could put this into a block or into your quilt. Another option is the wave stitch. Its exclusive to Baby Lock and it's a really beautiful effect. The upper and lower loopers trade off as the featured thread so you get this really great variegated effect on the edge of your fabric. The wave stitch is a spectacular addition to your bag of tricks. Another way to use Evolution is to actually use decorative stitching and feature it in your blocks. So, when you're piecing you will put the wrong sides together, this will run a quick wave stitch here and then when you're putting your block together, that becomes a feature point in your quilting. Now, add another one, this is a great way to use extra fabric and recycle scraps. This really adds a nice texture to your quilt blocks. It's just something different to experiment with. I love how that looks. And if you think sergers are just for straight lines, take a look at this. I'm piecing a curved piece here. I'm just going to take about the halfway point and kind of pull that fabric and I'm going to go around the curve. Stop about half way and then match up the corners and pull your top fabric again and continue on around the curve. And you've got your curved seam. So these are just some of the ways the Evolution can help make your quilting more creative, so get your hands on one and try some of these great techniques today. You're going to love where the Evolution can take you.