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Antique Quilts: Classic Favorites & Modern Remakes

Create a new classic quilt by pairing your favorite pattern with reproduction prints that mimic the antique look. Or boldly take the pattern in a different direction with today's rich prints and solids.

Log Cabin

A classic Log Cabin pattern gets an updated look when you exchange dots and stripes for darks and lights.


Circle Upon Circle

Which one is older? The vibrant 1930s print quilt is the vintage version. The sepia tones of its modern remake prove that you can make new quilts that have an antique look. One advantage—we’ve updated the construction to simplify the process.

Log Cabin

A classic Log Cabin pattern gets an updated look when you exchange dots and stripes for darks and lights.

Links to Home

High contrast makes the Triple Irish Chain a geometric wonder when done in all solids. Muted florals soften the overall appearance, making the blue and pink trellises a gentler transition between blocks.

Vintage Stars

Scrappy stars on shirtings shine on a chrome-yellow background. The scrappiness was likely the result of making do with fabrics on hand.

A focal fabric can be the star of your quilt, too. In the modern remake, a stunning print steals the show as the stars recede.

Starry Night

Don’t be fooled by the four-pointed stars. The center of each block is where four points come together. Careful color placement in adjacent blocks makes a star and checkerboard background appear.

Making Waves

Little things can make a big difference. The blue centers pop on the vintage version. But it’s the tiny triangle-squares around the large-motif block centers that shout for attention in today’s rendition. (Hint: It’s the darkness of the fabric that makes the centers recede.)

Sailor’s Voyage

Put a new spin on modern art by framing your blocks in dark print sashing and alternating the background colors. Or get ready to dive into your scrap bag for a remake of the antique version, where a single background unifies the look.

Antique Cheddar

Two-color quilts are the darlings of many antique-quilt collectors. But today’s reproduction prints look nearly as authentic as the originals. Keeping the look scrappy fosters the illusion of a quilt from a bygone era.

Monkey Wrench

The strength of variety isn’t limited to the blocks. Both quilts showcase scrappy Monkey Wrench blocks. But the modern version punches up the color play with multiple greens used in the setting squares and border.

Majestic Oak Reel

An antique appliqué quilt such as the one made with cream, red, and green fabrics—sewn all by hand—was a labor of love. Learn the secret to updating the look with fast-and-fusible machine appliqué and a bevy of beautiful batiks. Either way you make it, the results are stunning!

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