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Windmills and Flowers Wall Hanging

Create a spicy wall hanging with prints from two P&B Textiles collections: Wild Thyme by Carolyn Gavin and Pop Parade 2. To make the Windmill blocks pop, use funky floral prints and two contrasting tone-on-tones to make the strip sets.


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Assemble Pieced Blocks

1. Sew together green stripe, brown tone-on-tone, and orange floral 3-1/2x42" strips to make a strip set (Diagram 1). Cut strip set into four 9-1/2" squares.

2. Referring to Diagram 2, cut each square in half diagonally in the same direction to make eight pieced triangles. Designate the four triangles on the left A and the four triangles on the right B.

3. Referring to Diagram 3, join four A triangles in pairs. Press seams in opposite directions. Join pairs to make Windmill Block A. Press seam in one direction. Trim block to 12-1/2" square including seam allowances.

4. Repeat Step 3 with B triangles to make Windmill Block B.

5. Repeat steps 1–4 to make three Windmill blocks total. (Quiltmaker Laura Boehnke made four blocks, then chose her favorite three for the quilt top. She set aside the remaining one for another project.)