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Using a range of blue and green batiks and prints gives the sense of a deep, impenetrable ocean.



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Cut and Assemble Blocks

These instructions make one block from two prints—a light and a dark. Using the specified fabrics, repeat the cutting and assembly instructions the number of times listed below to make blocks that range from lightest (Block A) to darkest (Block G).

•    1 of Block A (off-white print and light green print)

•    2 of Block B (light blue batik and mint green print)

•    3 of Block C (dark mint green print and multicolor print)

•    3 of Block D (blue print and mottled teal)

•    3 of Block E (dark teal print and mottled dark blue)

•    2 of Block F (mottled teal and mottled dark blue)

•    1 of Block G (dark aqua print and navy blue batik)

From light print and dark print each, cut:

•    1—6-7⁄8" square, cutting it in half diagonally for 2 large triangles total (you’ll have 1 left over)

•    4—2-7⁄8" squares, cutting each in half diagonally for 8 small triangles total (you’ll have 1 left over)


1.    Sew together a light print small triangle and a dark print small triangle to make a triangle-square (Diagram 1). Press seam toward dark triangle. The triangle-square should be 2-1⁄2" square including seam allowances. Repeat to make four triangle-squares total.

2.    Lay out four triangle-squares, three light print small triangles, and three dark print small triangles in rows (Diagram 2). Sew together pieces in each row, then join rows to make a pieced small-triangle section. Press seams in one direction.

3.    Sew a light print large triangle and a dark print large triangle to long edges of the pieced small-triangle section to make a block (Diagram 3). Press seams toward large triangles. The block should be 8-1⁄2" square including seam allowances.