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Tropical Medallion Wall Hanging

Fabrics from the Paradise collection by Audrey Jeanne Roberts for Studio E Fabrics give this wall hanging an island vibe. Quilt tester Laura Boehnke showcased fussy-cut tropical birds and dragonflies in the Square-in-a-Square blocks in the middle border.


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Assemble and Add Middle Border

1. Sew yellow tone-on-tone triangles to opposite edges of a blue print 3-1/4" square (Diagram 1). Press seams toward triangles. Add yellow tone-on-tone triangles to remaining edges to make a Square-in-a-Square A block. Press as before. Trim block to 4-1/2" square including seam allowances.

2. Repeat Step 1 with remaining blue print, green print, and multicolor floral 3-1/4" squares to make 20 Square-in-a-Square A blocks total (two sets of eight matching blocks and one set of four matching blocks).

3. Using mottled blue triangles and an orange print 31/4" square, repeat Step 1 to make a Square-in-a-Square B block (Diagram 2). Repeat to make four Square-in-a-Square B blocks total.

4. Referring to Quilt Assembly Diagram, sew together five Square-in-a-Square A blocks to make a short middle border strip. Press seams in one direction. The short border strip should be 4-1/2x20-1/2" including seam allowances. Repeat to make four short middle border strips total.

5. Add a Square-in-a-Square B block to each end of two short middle border strips to make two long middle border strips. Press seams toward Square-in-a-Square B blocks.

6. Sew short middle border strips to opposite edges of quilt center. Add long middle border strips to remaining edges. Press all seams toward inner border. The quilt center now should be 28-1/2" square including seam allowances.