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Sweet Tea

The secret to creating this field of stars is not in the blocks, but in the sashing. Fabrics are from the Teatime Floral Two collection for LakeHouse Dry Goods.


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Finish Quilt

1.    Layer quilt top, batting, and backing; baste. 

2.    Quilt as desired. Cheryl Winslow machine–quilted an arc design around each of the star points and overlapping circles in the borders (Quilting Diagram).

3.    Trim batting and backing even with quilt top edges.

4.    Fold a dark pink floral 3" square in half diagonally with the wrong side inside to form a corner triangle; press. Repeat to make four corner triangles total. Aligning raw edges, pin a corner triangle in each corner of quilt top.

5.    Fold an assorted pink plaid, check, or floral 3" square in half diagonally with the wrong side inside; press. Fold the folded triangle in half again and press to make a prairie point. (Diagram 3). Repeat to make 92 prairie points total.

6.    Referring to Diagram 4, pin prairie points to edges of quilt top with raw edges aligned and prairie points pointing toward quilt center. Space them evenly and make sure all double-folded edges face same direction. Overlap adjacent edges. Once you are satisfied with placement of prairie points, sew them to quilt top with a scant 1⁄4" seam.

7.    Bind with pink-and-green floral binding strips.