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Sunflower Appliqué Wall Hanging

Turn the tables on a vintage tablecloth. Use it as your appliqué foundation! Then learn to do freezer-paper appliqué to add the sunflower motifs with our easy-to-follow instructions.


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Appliqué Quilt Top

1. Fold the tablecloth in half in both directions. Lightly finger-press folds to create applique placement guidelines; unfold.

2. Referring to Applique Placement Diagram, lay out stem appliques on the foundation. Lay out remaining applique pieces, tucking stem ends beneath flower centers and leaf ends beneath stems; baste in place.

3. Using threads that match applique pieces and working from bottom layer to top, machine-applique pieces to foundation to make quilt top.

4. Soak quilt top in cold water to remove glue. (If your foundation is gold print fabric rather than a tablecloth, avoid washing completed quilt top, which can cause fraying.) Trim excess foundation fabric from behind appliques, leaving 1/4" seam allowances. Peel away freezer paper and discard. Use dry towel to remove excess water, then air-dry; press quilt top from wrong side.

5. With appliqued design centered, trim quilt top to measure 49x58" including seam allowances.