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Starring Diamonds Wall Hanging

Fussy-cut motifs fill star centers in this bright wall hanging. Standout geometric prints mimic the diamond and hexagon shapes of the pieced quilt center. Fabrics are from the Sunburst collection by Studio 8 for Quilting Treasures.


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Assemble Quilt Center

1. Referring to quilt center top row in Quilt Assembly Diagram, lay out two star units, two yellow dot D triangles, two white dot D triangles, and two yellow dot E triangles. (If you want directional fussy-cut motifs to go in one direction, pay attention to hexagon orientation in star units.) Sew one white dot D triangle and one yellow dot D triangle to opposite edges of each star unit. Press seams toward D triangles. Then join all pieces in the row. Press seams toward right-hand end of row. Trim excess yellow dot D triangles even with long edges of E triangles to make a two-star row. Repeat to make three two-star rows total.

2. Referring to quilt center second row in Quilt Assembly Diagram, lay out one star unit, four gray dot D triangles, and two yellow dot F pieces. First sew two D triangles to opposite edges of star unit. Then sew a D triangle to each F piece. Press seams toward D triangles. Join all pieces in the row to make a one-star row. Press seams toward left-hand end of row. Repeat to make a second one-star row.

3. Referring to Quilt Assembly Diagram, join two-star rows and one-star rows to make quilt center. Press seams in one direction. The quilt center should be 18-1⁄2x34-3⁄8" including seam allowances.