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Starring Diamonds Wall Hanging

Fussy-cut motifs fill star centers in this bright wall hanging. Standout geometric prints mimic the diamond and hexagon shapes of the pieced quilt center. Fabrics are from the Sunburst collection by Studio 8 for Quilting Treasures.


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Assemble Star Units

Whether you are hand- or machine-sewing, begin and end all star unit seams at the marked matching points. Not sewing the seam allowances down allows you to set in seams and to press finished units in the desired direction once an entire unit is pieced.

To match up dots when piecing, stab a pin through one dot from the wrong side of the fabric, then come up at the second dot.


1. Gather one print A hexagon, six B star points from a single light or dark print, and six white or gray dot C diamonds. Lay out pieces in their finished positions according to Diagram 4.

2. Layer A hexagon and one B star point with right sides together, aligning the edges to be joined. Join pieces with a 1⁄4" seam allowance, carefully sewing from dot to dot (Diagram 1). If you are hand-piecing, do not cut your thread; instead, take a tiny backstitch at the dot and sew seams that follow with the same thread. Open pieces and finger-press seam toward hexagon.

3. Sew an adjacent star point to an adjacent hexagon edge. Repeat to add remaining star points to hexagon (Diagram 2).

4. Starting from the hexagon, sew together short edges of two adjacent star points. Referring to Diagram 3, set a C diamond into the joined points. Use a continuous thread and start sewing from an outer corner; stitch toward the center, then away from the center. Repeat to join points and set in remaining diamonds to make a star unit. Press star unit flat. 5. Repeat steps 1–4 to make eight star units total.




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