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Stacked Lanterns Quilt

The bold floral forming the outer border established the color palette used to make the Courthouse Steps-style blocks in the center of the quilt. Fabrics are from the Moonlit Sonata collection by Paintbrush Studio for Fabri-Quilt.


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Plan Quilt Center

To achieve the secondary pattern in this Courthouse Steps-style Log Cabin quilt, quilt tester Laura Boehnke matched fabrics in adjacent blocks.

To get this same effect, use a design wall to plan your quilt. Start by laying out sets of 1-1/2x8", 1-1/2x6", and 1-1/2x4" strips for the horizontal pieces as shown in Design Wall Diagram 1. Then lay out sets of 1-1/2x6", 1-1/2x4", and 1-1/2x2" strips for the vertical pieces as shown in Design Wall Diagram 2. Use remaining sets of strips and blue teardrop print 2" squares to complete the quilt center layout (Quilt Assembly Diagram).