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Scrollwork Appliqué Wall Hanging

This bright, funky wall hanging is a like a glimpse into a tropical garden through a wrought-iron gate. Fuse solid black appliqués over a background fabric from Ricky Tims' Rhapsodie Colorée II collection for Red Rooster Fabrics.


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Appliqué Quilt Top

1. On a design wall or large worktable, spread out multicolor print 40x26" appliqué foundation.

2. On the appliqué foundation, arrange solid black A and B scroll appliqués as desired. Let some pieces extend beyond the fabric edges. Use Appliqué Placement Diagram as a guide. Where scrolls overlap, trim so pieces butt together snugly (dotted lines indicate scroll cut off on Appliqué Placement Diagram).

3. When you’re pleased with the arrangement, fuse all pieces in place following manufacturer’s instructions.

4. Using black thread, machine-zigzag-stitch around each appliqué to make quilt center. Trim completed quilt center to 38x24" including seam allowances.