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Sawtooth Stars & Squares

Blend retro prints from the Groovy Geos collection for Timeless Treasures with solid black. When you’re making a quilt with busy prints, the use of a solid sashing fabric helps give the eye a place to rest between blocks.


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Cut Fabrics

Cut pieces in the following order.

From black dot print, cut:
288—1-3/8" squares

From mottled pink, cut:
80—1-3/8x2-1/4" rectangles
80—1-3/8" squares

From mottled lime green, cut:
64—1-3/8x2-1/4" rectangles
64—1-3/8" squares

From black circle print, cut:
20—2-1/4" squares

From lime green circle print, cut:
16—2-1/4" squares

From black floral, cut:
5—7-1/2" squares

From lime green floral, cut:
4—7-1/2" squares

From multicolor check, cut:
20—4x7-1/2" rectangles

From multicolor stripe, cut:
16—4x7-1/2" rectangles

From solid black, cut:
5—2-1/2x42" binding strips
24—2x14-1/2" sashing strips

From multicolor squares print, cut:

16—2" sashing squares {C}